Ayurvedic Home Remedies For Sun Stroke

Sun Stroke is something which you may experience due to excessive exposure to the sun. When your body temperature reaches around forty degrees centigrade, you may start feeling nausea or a severe headache. These are general symptoms of heat stroke. Ayurveda has some simple home based remedies to tackle with Sunstroke. Few of them are listed below: –

Aam Panna

It is a favorite drink made from mangoes. It’s easy to prepare. Rinse a raw mango under running water, and add them to a cooker to pressure cook for around ten minutes. After they are soft and pulpy, let them cool for some time. Peel off the outer skin and then extract all the pulp into a bowl.

Add some jaggery and black salt to the pulp. Put this mixture into a blender to give a fine watery paste. Store this mixture into a glass bottle for easy access. To prepare the drink, mix a tablespoon of mixture to a cup of cold water and mix well. You must drink this regularly to avoid heat stroke in summers, especially when going out of the house.


Onion is recommended to be part of a daily diet to prevent heat strokes. You can eat it as part of salad in your daily diet or heat half an onion in a regular pan and add some cumin powder to it.

Eat this, and it will ensure that you will never suffer from a heat stroke. One can also apply onion juice to the back of ear and chest to treat heat stroke. It is a very effective remedy which always works.

Sandalwood Paste

Sandalwood is known for its cooling effect. Hence when applied to the forehead and chest it prevents the body from overheating and keeps the temperature of your body under control. Alternatively, you can also use sandalwood oil; it has similar effects to cure heat strokes.

Icy Water

If someone is suffering from severe sunstroke, we can apply cold water to different parts of the body like forehead, palms and sole to let heat dissipate from the body through these channels.

You can take a bowl with cold water and drop some ice cubes into it. Now dip clean water into this ice-cold water and apply these cloth pads on different designated areas to channelize heat out of the body and let body come to average temperature.

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