Best Food for Skin Protection

Our skin and hairs are best indicators of your overall well-being. You must have noticed that when we are ill or are suffering from a certain kind of disease, the first thing that gets affected is we lose the glow of our skin followed by loss of hairs.

We can very well maintain the luster of our hairs and the glow of our skin by eating the right kind of food. Below are certain tips which will help you keep healthy skin and hairs.

Include green vegetables in your diet

Green vegetables have ingredients which help protect your skin damage caused by UV rays of sunlight. It also consists of vitamin A and vitamin C, which helps to boost the young-looking skin by inculcating firming action.

Green vegetables also help keep your digestive system functioning well. This helps to flush out toxins from your body. In case we retain these toxins, it results in dull and lumpy skin followed by breakouts and red marks.

Eat fish and nuts

Fish and nuts like walnuts suffice your skin with necessary omega three fatty acid, which avoids your skin from getting scaly and dry. If a person is deficient in omega three fatty acids, then he may lead himself towards disease like eczema. Omega 3 also helps one to avoid the formation of acne and pimples due to its anti-inflammatory properties.

Also, a certain kind of fish are rich in vitamin B12, which helps in reducing the dark and white pigmentation on your skin, thus keeping a healthy even tone.

Eat Tomatoes

Tomatoes are rich in various anti-oxidants which helps to reduce the aging of the skin by reducing the free radicals. One can easily incorporate tomato in his diet in the form of juice, salad or as curry in his vegetable or lentils.

It also helps protect and repair the skin from the harm caused by sunburn. The anti-oxidants help to improve the natural SPF of the skin which helps skin fight with damaging UV rays naturally.

Dark Chocolate

Eating around one hundred and fifty calories of dark chocolate is recommended for every woman to maintain smooth and silky skin. The anti-oxidants in dark chocolate helps avoid dry, scaly skin and provides the smooth texture to it.

It hydrates the skin internally and improves the blood circulation in the veins reaching the skin. This helps skin to be more active against all the harshness it faces from outside and regain its elasticity and glow.

Drink Lots of water

Drinking water keeps your skin hydrated naturally. It also helps to remove the toxins from your body in the form of urine. Thus, helps keep your skin smooth and glowing. Also, it a universal solvent, thus helps maintain the pH balance of your body internally.

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