Home Based Remedy for Abortion – Vitamin C

Many times in our lives we would like to get rid of unplanned, unwanted pregnancy. Rather than all the hassles of visiting a physician, we would first want to try some safe home based remedies. One such method is taking the high dosage of vitamin C.

Vitamin C is found in many citrus fruits and helps in enhancing our immune system however when taken as a supplement can induce the miscarriage in pregnant ladies. It is recommended that one should take 500mg dosage every hour until the required results are obtained.

While someone is pregnant, her body produces various hormones that work to keep the placenta inside the body however high dosage of vitamin C starts the activity where our immune system starts rejecting all foreign materials from our collection including the fetus. It induces the uterine contraction and allows the miscarriage of the child.

In case you see any signs of illness while taking this high dosage of vitamin C, you should immediately stop taking the supplements and seek a physician.

All these home-based remedies are meant for women who are pregnant for less than one month. After ten weeks of pregnancy, the fetus starts developing other organs like hands and feet and need manual removal from the body in case aborted. Hence if you are pregnant for more than ten weeks, you should consult a physician or else it may imply other complexities. It may result in the formation of a cyst in pregnant ladies and which could turn cancerous when not cured in time.

Vitamin C in moderate dosage is considered suitable for a child’s development, however, should be included in a pregnant lady’s diet only after confirmation from a doctor.

Vitamin C is considered to enhance the immune system in normal conditions and is deemed to be good for people who have high blood pressure. It is regarded as a god’s food for the overall well-being of a person.

A high dosage of citrus fruits will ensure that you get your daily dosage of vitamin C however that is not always possible, so doctors suggest to take it as a supplement. Oranges and red pepper are considered the best source of vitamin C for daily consumptions and can be part of your diet in the form of salads and juice.

When a pregnant lady starts taking high levels of vitamin C, it enhances the production of estrogen levels in her body. This high level of estrogen creates a hormonal imbalance in the body and decreases the level of progesterone. The progesterone is one of the essential hormones for the development of the fetus and reduced the scale of this hormone creates a safe scenario for abortion in pregnant ladies.

Every person’s body is different and these home-based remedies may prove beneficial for some and may not work at all for others. In case it does not work for you in six days then you should opt for other safer home-based methods for abortion.

One can even combine this home-based remedy with other options to have more effective results.

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