Home Based Remedy for Abortions – Goji Berries

Goji berries are raisin like structured red dome-shaped berries. They are often dried and packed for consumption. These were used in ancient China to treat many ailments. They are red and have a slightly sweet and sour taste. Goji berries are rich in vitamin C, fiber, iron, vitamin A, zinc, and antioxidants. Helps in treating liver and heart.

People with diabetes should take these after consulting with doctors.

Goji berry is considered as a superfood which should be taken in moderations. It is believed that an ingredient found in goji berry which induces high uterine contraction which could lead to miscarriage. It was used by ladies in ancient China to produce their delayed periods. Eat a right amount of goji berries daily to get the desired results.

Since Goji berries have blood thinning properties, so people with low blood pressure should eat only after consulting with the doctors. It can induce extreme bleeding. Goji berries have ten essential amino acids as well which have various health benefits and is used for several medicinal purposes.

These home-based remedies are only meant for anyone pregnant for less than ten weeks. When you have passed more than ten weeks, you should consult a physician in case you want to abort your child.

Also, this is a safe method for home-based abortion, but goji berries are quite expensive. Many people may not be able to afford it that easily. Then you can opt for other cheaper and safer methods to get yourself aborted.

Usually, these home-based methods are applicable for women who are less than one month pregnant. Or immediately after having sex you want to avoid any complications in your life from an unplanned pregnancy, you may take goji berries to prevent that situation.

If this remedy does not work within six days, then you should go for other safer methods or consult a physician. It depends from person to person. Some home-based remedies work for some people, and some do not work for others.

Goji berry is a super food which enhances your daily energy, improves your athletic performance and increases your ability to focus.

Eating small amounts of goji berries can be helpful for growth of fetus. However, if you take large amount during later stages of pregnancy, it may affect the growth of hands and legs of your child. Even in case you are breastfeeding then you should consult a physician before including goji berries in your diet.

Goji berry is an effective method to induce miscarriage in many people. Although there are no concrete proofs, it also helps produce fertility in women with a blockage in fallopian tubes. It is not only beneficial for women but also for the healthy growth of sperms in men. One could take a moderate amount of goji berries on a daily basis if she is quite active in her sex life to avoid the unwanted pregnancy. This will also induce a healthier and safer sex life for her.


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