Home Remedies for Abortion – Papaya

Children are god’s gift, but sometimes we don’t want these gifts in our life and look for home-based options to get rid of them. The first precaution to apply any home-based opportunity is that if you are more than ten weeks pregnant, you should never use these home-based options. It could lead to unnecessary troubles and complexities.

Papaya is one fruit that is considered auspicious to have during pregnancy as it is believed to tend to terminate the pregnancy. This makes it an apt option to get rid of unwanted pregnancy at home.

Papaya is a fruit from pear’s family which can be up to twenty inches tall. Its green in color when unripe and turns into orange color when ripe completely. It has got black seeds which are said to be edible, but they do not taste quite right.

Papaya is filled with loads of benefits and helps in keeping your digestive system clean. The same property turns out to be a danger for pregnant women. It consists of laxative which tends to send false signals to the brain. These signals are like what is send during labor pains. Thus, this induces untimely labors which can cause your pregnancy to terminate.

Although people say that this is only seen when pregnant ladies take unripe papaya. Women in ancient times used to take unripe papaya to avoid any unwanted pregnancy intentionally.

To use papaya to terminate one’s pregnancy or avoid any chances of pregnancy is to cut raw papaya into small cubes and boil it in some water. Strain off the water and add some salt to the leftover and eat it. You can repeat its dosage two-three times in a day until you are successful. It is believed to be a hundred percent reliever when taken within twenty-four hours of having sex.

Only raw papaya is believed to have properties of abortion. Good ripe papaya is said to be safe for pregnant women. It is said to have lots of good vitamins and minerals which are useful for the child as well.

Raw papaya is said to contain a large amount on latex which causes uterine contraction and thus is harmful to the fetus and could lead to abortion. It could be safely taken by women to induce their periods otherwise.

Its seeds are considered fatal if affected by bacteria or else it’s safe to eat. Sometimes people think that its seeds could also help terminate the pregnancy. However, it’s not always true; it may even cause complexities in case its infused with bacteria.

Papaya otherwise is said to the food of angels because of its good taste. It is said to cure many chronic diseases and prevent cancer. It’s the house of vitamins A and vitamin C. It consists of lots of fiber and beneficial antioxidants.

When taken under normal conditions, it is said to improve digestion due to its high fiber content. It has got antioxidants that reduce the chances of many diseases and helps keep you youthful and wrinkle-free.

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