How Long Does It Take to Get Six Pack Abs?

Getting six pack abs is a combination of how fast you lose your abdomen fat and how fast you build your abdomen muscles. Both these phenomena vary from one person to another.

For in case you cut down your diet to lose fat and are losing two kgs in a week but more important is from where are you losing this fat. In case you are losing it from your abdomen area then it’s more likely to build up those six pack abs faster or else you will take more time. It is a natural phenomenon which cannot be controlled completely although could be varied depending on the kind of work out regime you undertake.

Your genes matter

Similarly, to build muscles, it all depends on your genes. Some people who have amazing genetics will be able to build muscles much faster than another person with not so amazing genes. A person who has already trained his body to advance level might face difficulty in developing his muscles than a new beginner as muscles are apt to that workout routine and that strain, which are more receptive in case of a new beginner.

Regular Dedication

When you follow your diet and exercise routine properly, you tend to attain your results much faster and effectively. You might have to cut down fats completely from your diet and may have to visit the gym at-least twice a day. It requires lots of dedication and discipline to gain that six pack abs faster.

A regular dedication is more effective than something with breaks in between as your body then regains the fat when you have a cheat day which requires you to work out all the way again.

Body Mass

If you are lean and thin, then it cuts down your work to half as you only need to concentrate on building your muscles however people who have already developed that layer of fat in their abdomen area might have to work to lower that fat content first before building the muscles which consume half of their workout efforts.

Keep it varied

Keeping a varied exercise pattern helps build up muscles faster than following a routine exercise. Concentrating on one part of body muscles in a day and another on next day is the more effective way to get that lean six pack abs as your body gets appropriate rest to build up those torn muscles and are ready to take next level of strain.

Cardio to warm up

Use any kind of cardio to warm up your body to be more receptive to the muscles training you do after it. It also reduces your chances of any kind of injuries that might result from muscle or weight training.

Drink Water

Drinking water helps to keep your muscles mobilize easily as it consists of a salt called sodium which acts as an electrolyte which helps in muscle contraction. It also keeps all the toxins away from your body which you have stored from your earlier habits of unhealthy food. It improves your metabolism to burn more fat than you usually would and thus makes you leaner.

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