Is Meditation And Breathing Still Relevant?

What we do to live is to breathe! Breathing is the most basic and essential activity in life. We know its importance but many of us definitely do not know that breathing has much more to do than to keep us alive! If we know the right way of breathing then we can easily keep a lot of tensions, stress, and worries away from our life. Not only this, the righteous ways of breathing heal many of our health and mental problems in subtle most manners.

How to control breathing for the betterment of life?

Controlling the breath doesn’t mean that you hold your breath every now and then to test the longevity of your survival! When we say “controlled breathes” we mean that the breath we intake are more conscious and peaceful.

Meditation is the technique that will help you in controlling your breath and make you realize its benefits.

These days if we search through the internet and type the word “meditation” we will find a lot of excerpts written by novices and amateurs that take us to unguided path of meditation. Ultimately we give up and stop trusting the power of meditation.

However if you will meet the experienced people they will share their experiences with you and tell you how beneficial it is to do meditation for wellness and good life.

How to meditate- the best techniques?

We often meet people who enquire a lot about “what are the best techniques to meditate” or “how to meditate in simplest ways”. We are pleased to inform them that there is nothing simpler as well as difficult than meditation. You just need to bring your wandering thoughts at one place which is the ultimate goal of meditation. In order to attain this goal we need to adopt certain practices or techniques. In this section we are going to mention a few tried and tested techniques that mostly help people in centralizing their thoughts and paying attention to their breathing:


This is a Yogic technique of breathing which is even considered one of the yoga asana practices. In this practice you inhale from one nostril and exhale from another. You need to do this practice alternately on both the nostrils. There are many videos to channel you through this detailed guided practice.

Belly breath:

In this technique- you have to let your belly inflate with as much air as it can and then release the air in very slow motion. Gradual practice will make the time of release and inhale longer. You will realise that you are gaining consistency and peace of mind with every breath that you exhale out.


The above mentioned techniques and information on “how to meditate” is just a symbolic representation of knowledge online.

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