Yoga Asana For Pregnant Women: Follow The Steps During Pregnancy

Yoga Asana For Pregnant Women, During pregnancy, being physically active is mandatory. Staying active brings great results while you are dealing with random mood swings, fatigue and sickness, painful cramps and what not.

At this time, the right amount of exercise- particularly yoga ensures relaxation and fitness of body along would-be mothers.

Regular practice of yoga makes your body more toned and flexible and also makes your labor easy and normal. Parental yoga can lead to gradual benefits for women with complexities during their pregnancy journey.

In addition to that, regular exercise results in the secretion of happy hormones, the ‘endorphins’ which helps to keep the mother energetic and active. First trimester is the most crucial among all three.

That’s why it is recommended to take your doctor’s advice before starting yoga during pregnancy if you are not already into it. After Reading to This Articles Yoga Asana For Pregnant Women, Please Be Sure that You will do it or not.

Yoga Asana For Pregnant Women: Watch This Videos

Yoga Asana For Pregnant Women, As basic yoga asana does not come under intense workout, pregnant women can easily do them in the home itself.

However, to know the right posture is the key to fruitfully doing yoga. So, we are giving you a comprehensive collection of 3 yoga asana, for pregnant women.

VAKRASNA (Twisted Pose)


It is the exercise for spine, legs, hands, and neck; along with gentle massage to abdominal organs.

INHALE: Sit down and make a 90-degree angle with your back and legs. Keep your feet parallel and raise the arms up to shoulder level, keeping your palms ground-facing.

EXHALE: Twist the body from your waist towards your left, while moving hands and head to the same side. Try not to bend your knees.

INHALE: Get back to the original position, bringing your hands to shoulder level, in parallel position and repeat the same for the right side.



This exercise helps you to strengthen and stretch your thigh and pelvis muscles. Stand straight and keep your feet parallel to each other with approx. A 10 inches gap in between them.

INHALE: Raise your heels a little and get your arms at shoulder level, parallel to each other with palms facing down.

EXHALE: Get your body in a short pose, bend your knees and try to get your body’s weight on your toes. In case, you are not able to do so, do it normally with flat feet.

INHALE: Slowly, get up on your toes (or feet) and hold the same position for hands.

EXHALE: Relax yourself by getting hands and heels down simultaneously.

AGNISTAMBHASANA (Ankle-to-Knee Pose)


This asana is a boon for those women who suffer with deadly back pains and tight hips. It opens up your back and relieves tension from your glutes and muscles under it.

CONTINOUS BREATHING AT NORMAL PACE: Sit down on the floor with your knees bent, and shoulder relaxed.

Slightly bring your right foot under left knee, while your right knee rests on the floor. Do not push yourself too much into it, let this asana be gentle on your body.

Slightly get your left feet on right knee. So that the so left foot rests on right knee and left knee rests on the right foot.Either hold a prayer position by joining palms at chest level or, get into ‘anjali mudra by keeping hands on left knee and foot.

Thank You, This Articles Yoga Asana for pregnant women is dedicated to all pregnant Women.

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