Yoga For Back Pain- How To Get Relieved From Back Pain?

Back Pain is a very common problem that most of us face daily. It’s all due to our bad habits. According to various surveys conducted nine out of ten people are suffering from this problem.  So it might be the most common health issue that people are facing in today’s world.

Causes There may be many causes for the back pain.

  • It may be your laziness.
  • Bad sitting posture
  • You might be careless while pulling or pushing or lifting any weight.
  • If your weight is crossing all limits than there are many chances of Back pain.
  • Smokers usually face back pain problem.
  • During pregnancy and Post-delivery there may be chances of back pain.
  • Other reasons are like accidents or serious disease like cancer.
  • Other causes are muscle inflammation or ligament problem.

Back pain can be Acute or sub-acute or chronic. Sharp mean pain can be felt for a short period up to 12 weeks. Subacute can last up to 6 to 12 weeks. If the duration of the back pain is more than 12 weeks than it is chronic.

How the back pain affects us:

Effect on daily life. These days life is very fast and busy. People somehow manage to match the speed of this modern world. Life has become a race, and you have to always in top gear if you want to compete in this world. Back pain can put you on halt.

  • Your concentration power will become weak.
  • You will not be able to sit or stand for long hours.
  • You will face other health issues like being lazy, over weightiness introvert.
  • If you can’t compete due to back pain that might prove to be quite demotivating.
  • You might end up in sleepless night consuming painkillers.
  • You might have ended up in giving up your favorite hobbies or a game like a football, hockey, and cricket.

Cure: There may be many ways to heal Back pain like surgery, massage, various therapies and much more. These all types of Cure can put the significant load on your bank accounts as they are quite expensive. There is one more treatment for this problem, and that is YOGA.

Yoga for Back Pain might be the best cure for this problem. There are various postures in Yoga for Back Pain

The Yoga can help in getting out of this problem physically as well as mentally. It will first help you in getting rid of pain mentally, and then it will start healing you physically. Yoga for back pain is all about you have to choose over this problem and nothing else.

Various Yoga poses for back Pain is as follows:

  • Cow/Cat pose
  • Eagle pose
  • Plow pose
  • Bridge pose
  • Camel pose
  • Triangle pose
  • Locust pose
  • Mountain pose


These all poses of Yoga for back pain will solve this problem. The benefit of choosing yoga over other cure is it will improve your mental as well as physical health. You can do all these postures of Yoga for back pain anywhere like in your home or office or café or garden whichever place suits you. So try these Postures of Yoga for back pain problem and stay fit.

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